The Document

Headed by David Hellqvist, Document studios is a creative content agency based on ideas and information. Hellqvist reworks brand stories and histories from an editorial perspective – the resulting Documents are designed to inspire through unique and alternative storytelling.

Before collaborating with Lee Cooper, Document Studios has worked with other heritage brands including Gap, Adidas, Timberland and Kickers.

Hellqvist is also the fashion features editor of Port Magazine and contributes, both as a writer and a stylist, to leading publications such as HYPEBEAST, Highsnobiety, Crepe City and Avaunt.

*Please note The Cooper Collection Document is not for sale.


Tilmann Wröbel, Creative Director of

When I joined the company, I saw Lee Cooper as the definitive European denim brand, the one with real history.

Tilmann Wröbel

I thought maybe there was a different way of doing advertising. I told Lee Cooper’s ad agency that it would be fun to do it but not like a classic commercial, more like a little piece of video theatre.

Jean Paul Goude

I’m actually quite excited when i see all these garments that i produced many years ago, because i thought, ‘Fucking hell, it all fits me!’ It’s like a time capsule really!

Nigel Cabourn

I think when people talk about denim they are really talking about history… For me, it represents a big transition in terms of female identity.

Lauren Yates


by Nick Clements